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  • Hedgehog Site Based on 80/20 rule (80% of revenue from 20% of services) 
  • Interactive Engagement Tools
  • Lower PPC Budget with Better Placement
  • Lower CPL and CPA

The 80/20 Rule Hedgehog Site

What do you do when 20% of your customers or services make up 80% of your revenue? Well, you develop a hedgehog microsite, of course!

Such the case with Captive Insurance Experts, Wesley Sierk, Max Jong and Jarid Beck. The partners from Risk Management Advisors and the team at GoldenComm partnered up to “teach, tailor and take control” of companies looking for the ultimate tool for superior risk management.

Is a Captive Insurance Plan Right for You?

GoldenComm’s Golden Rule #7 – Create Engagement Tools – is a way to get visitors that are not yet ready to buy, yet, because they need more information. CaptiveInsuranceOnline provides valuable tools to web visitors (e.g. a 9 question survey to check if a Captive Insurance Company is the best fit for your business) so they can feel more comfortable before making that inquiry.


The Result and Testimonial

Jason and his team are experts at making websites work harder. Before we met GoldenComm, we generated very few leads from our website. Today, besides word-for-mouth, our website is the #1 lead source for our firm for our company's hedgehog service, which is Captive Insurance Plans. I would recommend GoldenComm to anyone that wants to cast a bigger net and work to grow top-line sales.” Wesley Sierk, President and Co-Founder of Risk Management Advisors. 

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