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Dr. Dock and Door

Dr. Dock and Door

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  • Hyperlocal 

The Mission

Our client is a multi-service provider with a nationally recognized brand. This client wanted to focus one particular sales channel and approached us for insight on how we can drive leads and improve sales for this channel. Because they’re a full service loading dock provider, our client wanted to be very intentional and specific with campaigns while marketing to prospects in eleven counties across three states.

The Plan

We agreed this client needed a Hedgehog Site that would allow them to market this sales channel exclusively and separately from their nationally recognized brand.

We created Dr. Dock and Door strictly as a lead generation machine. We loaded the site with hyperlocal phone numbers allowing us to identify our most successful marketing efforts. We also added a contact form on every page giving visitors that are in a time crunch another option of contacting our client digitally rather than over phone.

Dr. Dock and Door
Dr. Dock and Door

The Outcome

Dr. Dock and Door has significantly increased leads year-over-year since it’s launch, so much so that our client has had to modify the way they handle inbound leads. Not only have leads increased, our client has reported an increase in qualified, scaleable leads.

The success of Dr. Dock and Door has led us to develop two more hedgehog sites for this client, each one equally successful.

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