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Phantom Stock Online

Phantom Stock Online

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  • Hedgehog site based on 80/20 rule (80% of revenue from 20% of services)
  • Interactive Engagement Tools
  • Video That Connects With The Audience
  • Knowledge Center Wiki for Enhanced SEO

The 80/20 Rule Hedgehog Site

What do you do when 20% of your customers or services make up 80% of your revenue? Well, you develop a hedgehog microsite, of course!

Such the case with Tom Miller and Ken Gibson from VisionLink Adviosry Group. We took the wealth of knowledge that VL Advisors had with phantom stock plans and created the Internet’s most respected website on the topic.

Videos That Connect with the Audience

GoldenComm’s Golden Rule #4 – Make Videos That Connect with your Audience – is showcased in the accordion step-by-step feature entitled, “Build a Plan” from the navigation bar. From this page (build a phantom stock plan) users can follow a six-step process to develop their own phantom stock plan. Each of the steps comes with a video from Tom Miller and links to valuable resources.

The Result and Testimonial

VisionLink was fortunate to be early adopters of GoldenComm’s Hedgehog Microsite concept. Building PhantomStockOnline was a true breakthrough for our lead generation as well the site's engagement tools helps us with our inside sales process. I would recommend GoldenComm to most any B-2-B company that is looking to fill up the top of their funnel via smart digital marketing.” Ken Gibson, Principal, The VisionLink Advisory Group

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