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SNUGTop Dealer Portal

Snug Top

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  • Users with varying levels of access
  • Product library
  • Thousands of searchable parts available for order
  • Dynamic fields ordering form for covers and lids

Company Overview

SNUGTOP has been an industry leader in manufacturing and selling a large variety of truck caps and tonneau covers worldwide. Innovative designs, state-of-the-art technology, and a relentless insistence on excellence has helped SNUGTOP maintain its stellar reputation for over 50 years. Millions of loyal fans can attest to the quality of their SNUGTOP products.

The SNUGTOPDealer.com website is an intranet for SNUGTOP’s network of national dealerships


For years, SNUGTOP serviced their network of dealers via phone, mail and fax. SNUGTOP and their dealers know about cars, but GoldenComm knows about the Internet, and we wanted to help bring SNUGTOP into the modern age. We worked with SNUGTOP to innovate an online ordering system that would drastically reduce the amount of faxes and calls coming into HQ on a daily basis.


We implemented an easy-to-use online ordering form by pulling data from SNUGTOP’s already existing ERP system, and streamlined the way dealers ordered their parts, shells, and lids. Some said it couldn’t be done, but once we were done, the adoption was almost immediate and universal. Now, dealers can’t imagine ordering from SNUGTOP any other way!

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