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  • Updated site design to match brand guidelines
  • Ease-of-use for content management with custom widgets
  • Custom API integrations for parcel and freight

Company Overview

GLS' success is its focus on quality for faster parcel and freight delivery throughout the West. GLS sets high standards in technology and security, having shipping software integration and warehouse management system providers for package labeling and data transfer. Taking action to better protect our environment, GLS is committed to the Green Initiatve, recognizing their significant role to play in ensuring the sustainability of our planet's most precious resources.

What We Did

This website was built with quality for the best customer experience, both end-user and admin. Identifying different admin user roles, GLS can have team members updating different pieces of content throughout the website, with a very user-friendly admin portal. In addition to the ease of use for content management, this site integrates into GLS custom backend for parcel and freight tracking, locating a dropbox near you, calculating rates, opening a new account, logging into an existing account, and so much more.


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