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Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson

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  • Modernize Design
  • Lead Qualifying Contact Form
  • Wordpress Integration

Company Overview

Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson is a legal services firm in Nevada that provides their clients with superior representation. They are licensed attorneys in Nevada, California, Arizona, Colorado, and Wisconsin. This law firm specializes in mining law in Nevada, as well as water rights law in Nevada. Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson has been proudly serving their clients for nearly 20 years, and they pride themselves on providing high-quality legal services with special attention to individual client needs.

What We Did

This project began with an existing website. Our goal was to create a modern, high-end, responsive design with a streamlined user experience. Wordpress web development is one of our strengths, and this B2B lead generation site is perfect for the Wordpress platform. Before even starting the design process, we went through an information architecture planning phase where we organized the existing content, and laid it out strategically to better guide users to our client's focused practice areas. We wanted to help our clients get better leads, not more leads, so we utilized the forms on the website to help qualify leads for our client before the leads even hit their inbox.

Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson
Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson

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