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  • Hedgehog Microsite Focused on ECommerce Partners
  • Lower PPC Budget with Better Placement
  • Lower CPL and CPA
  • Case Studies

Eat Your Own Dog Food

The AuComm.com site is the “Eat Your Own Dog Food” hedgehog microsite for GoldenComm’s B2B eCommerce business. Those not familiar with this slang phrase (EYODF), it is meant to reference a scenario in which a company uses its own product to test and promote the product.

In Jim Collin’s book, Good to Great, Chapter 5, you’ll find “the hedgehog concept” and we use this concept to build microsites with the belief that someone that has a problem and does not know who you are… does NOT care about you, they only care about their problem.

At GoldenComm, we are more likely to drive PPC traffic to our hedgehog site(s), not our mothership (main site) for reasons you can read about on the next tab.

Lower PPC Budget with Better Placement

Following Google rules will significantly give you more favor (not only SEO, but in SEM, too). There are two factors here: Search (PPC) Spend, and Rankings. Advanced SEO and SEM experts will tell you that SEO and SEM are intertwined and create synergy for each other.

Enter the “relevance” factor. Content is (subjectively) the most important Google ranking factor. This shouldn’t be news to anyone. Our experience in building hedgehog sites (where the entire site is focused on the hedgehog, and not necessarily the company) we’ve seen lower cost per click and high position(s) in the SERPs – this is chalked up to the entire site having more relevant content for the particular keywords. AuComm is a site dedicated to eCommerce website development, primary… and the company takes a back seat – hence, lower CPC and higher position.


The Result and ROI

The math of our own campaigns are pretty straight-forward. It looks like this...

$30.00 (cpc) (phrases like: ecommerce website firm, magento 1 to magento 2, or shopify vs. magento)

$300.00 (cpl) (meaning about 10% of people that click on our ads call or fill out the contact form)

$6,000.00 (cpa) (meaning about one in twenty of the people that call us or fill out the form we end up closing)

Our LTV (and roi) of enterprise eCommerce sites can vary, and we’ll not publish that here. Call us if you want to learn more.

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