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Botanical Designs

Botanical Designs

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  • Wordpress Integration
  • Lead Qualifying Contact Form
  • Clean and Modern User Interface
  • Responsive Design

Company Overview

Botanical Designs is a Seattle-based, commercial landscaping company. They are the leader in design, and installation for interior plants and arrangements, living walls, green roofs, exterior plants and renovations. Botanical Designs provides high-impact biophilic designs and professional plant maintenance. They design, install and maintain interior and exterior commercial landscaping and holiday decor.

What We Did

Botanical Designs came to GoldenComm with a website built on Wix. We strategized and made a plan that with the end goal of driving B2B lead generation traffic through marketing with Google Ads. We then began the Wordpress development process, where we built the site to be SEO optimized with a clean and modern responsive design.

Botanical Designs
Botanical Designs

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