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Cheap Hurricane Insurance

Cheap Hurricane Insurance

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  • Responsive Design
  • Wordpress Integration
  • Wordpress REST API
  • Vue.js

Company Overview

Cheap Hurricane Insurance is a company that serves Hawaii exclusively, and they are typically 5%-10% cheaper than their competitors. Their objective is to help residents by providing cheap hurricane insurance in Hawaii. Also, they are completely local. Unlike other big insurance agencies, who don't even know how to pronounce the names of the local streets, the agents here actually live in the community they serve. Hurricane insurance is required for homes in Hawaii, so being the most affordable in the market is kind of a big deal.

What We Did

The goal in building this website was to create an experience that is very user friendly and intuitive for visitors. The minimalism in the UI is geared towards serving this purpose, and through responsive design, the site is optimized for all screen resolutions. The code that is working behind the scenes is quite complex. This website is utilizing Wordpress as the platform, and is levereging Vue.js and the Wordpress REST API on the frontend.

Cheap Hurricane Insurance
Cheap Hurricane Insurance

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