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  • Trojan Horse Strategy
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  • Event Creation and Registration
  • UI/UX Redesign (2020)

SEO as a Trojan Horse

If you have been to one of Jason’s seminars, you’ll hear him say, “SEO is one of the more over-hyped and over-sold practices that I can think of…”

He’ll continue to make sure you heard him correctly, as he does NOT say that SEO is not important.  But SEO is over-hyped and over-sold.  

“Why” you might ask?  Well, that’s a subject for a different time.  As this section is talking about Trojan Horse websites.

Trojan Horse Websites are sites that we build for clients that need to get in front of their buyer in the most strategic and economic way that they can.  You might consider a Trojan Horse Website if you’re in a business of selling something that your prospect does not know they need.

The company that thinks they need SEO, probably does not.  What they really need is more leads, more sales, more top-of-the-funnel.  In most cases, SEO is NOT the most economical way to do this.  But the same person that thinks they need SEO is who needs all our other services – hence, the Trojan Horse Website speaks to SEO in order to “get inside” the company and talk to the decision makers.

Ranking for Keyphrases

One of the many reasons Trojan Horse Websites are so valuable is that they allow you to rank for keyphrases that can be very valuable.

A few keyphrases that we rank well on for this site are:

SEO Seminar (we’re #1 for this phrase in several USA regions – which is actually quite impressive)
Hedgehog Microsites (not as competitive, but has great value to us)
Jason Lavin (our owner, and we want to do our best to do reputation management for him)


Results and ROI

The Excel-Your-Business.com Trojan Horse Website has generated HUGE ROI for us because of the amount of leads that come to our seminars.  The site is also used as a web engagement tool, which is one of GoldenComm’s 20 Golden Rules of Harder Working Websites.

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