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Lynn Safety

Lynn Safety

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Company Overview

Lynn Safety is an industry specialist for exterior building maintenance systems. They have specialized in facade access services since 1971 and provide compliant cost-effective systems. Lynn Safety's goal is to help provide safe access to all parts of a building. They are the only California based company that provides full-service solutions, from design to installation and maintenance. Some of their other exterior building services include: inspections, engineering and consulting, retrofitting and inspections just to name a few.

What We Did

Lynn Safety came to GoldenComm with an existing website. We provided professional website design services and created a brand new, modern, easy to navigate, fully responsive website. No matter what kind of device the site is viewed on (desktop, tablet, mobile) the design is optimized for usability, and page load times are lighting fast. As part of the website development process, we also had a marketing analyst do keyword research, so that our on site SEO elements are optimized and targeting keywords and phrases that are important to Lynn Safety's business.

Lynn Safety
Lynn Safety

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