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Raising Better Teens

Raising Better Teens

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Company Overview

Raising Better Teens is a company that is dedicated to helping families boost communication with their teens. The methods developed by founder Scott Springborn have helped his own family and many others strengthen their ability to communicate with their children. In doing so, providing deeper connections between parents and teens while creating the ability to parent teenagers to a better future.

What We Did

Goldencomm provided website design and website development services to build a WordPress website that allows Raising Better Teens to effortlessly update their content as necessary. The website feautres a responsive design that adapts to the screen resolution that the website is being viewed on for ease of use across all devices. The website is also optimized for perform and is integrated with Constant Contact to create an easy way for customers to subscribe to the service. Constant Contact also creates a platform for Raising Better Teens to maintain contact and manage their customers.

Raising Better Teens
Raising Better Teens

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