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State Contract Manufacturing

State Contract Manufacturing

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  • NopCommerce 4.2 Integration
  • Responsive Design
  • B2B Lead Generation

Company Overview

State Contract Manufacturing is a division of State Industrial Products, a family-owned chemical manufacturing company since 1911. State Contract Manufacturing serves as a solution for outsourced operational needs. In-house experts specialize in industrial and institutional cleaning chemicals, EPA registered products, wax formulations, hand cleaners, air care solutions, floor care products and "green" formulations. Their dedicated 150-person contract manufacturing team ensures maximum efficiency and quality in all manufactured goods.

What We Did

State Industrial came to GoldenComm with an existing website that needed to be modernized. In addition to providing website development services, we worked with State to develop a modern design with clear call to actions, we worked with them to solve an additional problem: spam. With their new B2B lead generation website, we created a form that will dramatically help cut back on the amount of spam submission the client was receiving. Also, we improved the customer journey and the information architecture, so the content is easily accessible and the site is easy to use.

State Contract Manufacturing
State Contract Manufacturing

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