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Urology Professionals

Urology Professionals

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Company Overview

Urology Professionals is a small business who cares for customers that need catheters. Their team works to find the right product solution to match their customer's unique needs. Patient driven personal care and product delivery is what separates Urology Pros from their competitors. The Urology Pros team will even go the extra mile by helping the customer with the insurance paperwork so their buying experience is easy and hassle free. They provide one-on-one personal consultations (instead of just sending automated responses) and they offer free samples and returns so their customers can be confident in their purchase. In addition, Urology Pros has the industry's largest selection of Straight Catheters, Closed System Catheters, External Catheters and Collection Devices.

What We Did

GoldenComm was brought in on this project to help build a brand from the ground up. This required collaboration between the project management, frontend development, backend development, design and online marketing teams. We created the brand identity, the style guide, product photography and ultimately the final nopCommerce website. To top it off we also implemented Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to help drive intentional, high-volume traffic to the site where customers will have the choice to purchase online directly or connect with a representative to handle their insurance paperwork. This eCommerce website is equipped with on page SEO optimization, and a layout that was meticulously planned before the site went into the design phase. The result is an easy to use, fully accessible, lightning fast nopCommerce website

Urology Professionals
Urology Professionals

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