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Company Overview

Save Live Music Irvine was an organic movement to keep a live music amphitheatre in Irvine, with the closing of the iconic Irvine Meadows. From the summer of 2016 through the last show in October 2016, the word needed to be spread and the support to save live music in Irvine needed to be recorded.

The Challenge

There was no need for a fancy site - the purpose here was support. We needed to create a digital petition to save live music in Irvine, with the flexibility to export those who signed the petition, clean the data, and rally with the numbers behind us.


The Solution

We created a site fit for gathering supporter's info, keeping it secure, and showcasing the vast support for music through social media. A custom feed was created to pull in #savelivemusicirvine posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - as well as a carousel to feature video coverage of concerts on YouTube. In the end, Irvine Meadows may have played its last song, but the 35,000+ supporters of live music in Irvine prevailed. There is now a temporary amphitheatre in Irvine, and live music lives to fight another day.

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