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Gehr International

Gehr International

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  • WordPress informative website to support international brand of the Gehr family of companies
  • B-2-B lead generation best practices
  • Easy to Understand Menus and Breadcrumbs

Company Overview

This site will make you want to watch Top Gun (again).

Gehr International specializes in the Brazilian defense market. Through partners (e.g. Cognyte, Smart Shooter, Sealite and General Atomics – just to name a few) Gehr specializes in the installation and service of high-technology equipment and systems.

What We Did

This is a hedgehog website to compliment a host of other Gehr Group website which support their international business.  GoldenComm has also helped Gehr Group with B-2-C ecommerce websites, as well as B-2-B ecommerce websites.

Gehr International
Gehr International

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