Hyper-Local Programming

We've seen more and more lately a shift back to people wanting to deal with people. This is refreshing to us, since we're in the people/relationship business ourselves.

GoldenComm has B-2-B and B-2-C frameworks that allow companies to present local and relevant content to people by "sniffing" the surfer's IP address and presenting personalized, local and relevant information.

Many times a company's local presence is the first criteria for a consumer – especially if you're talking about any personal or professional services (doesn't apply so much to e-commerce).

And that could be a deciding factor on whether they even call in the first place. Also, search engines (both paid for and organic) are always doing work around displaying local companies at top of the lists (knowing that most people prefer local businesses).

If you have not figured out how to localize your presence online, there's a chance you're leaving a lot of business behind. Call us to help you figure this all out – we're good at this.

Hyperlocal Programming