B2B E-Commerce Services

It's hard to imagine that e-commerce is only about 10 years old and how much has changed and how fast things continue to change.

B-2-B e-commerce is different than B-2-C e-commerce.

We combine our rich experience of B-2-B marketing with our e-commerce and programming skills to build world-class B-2-B e-commerce engines. When building such systems, we think of things like CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per acquisition) and LTV (lifetime value) of customers.

How do we increase conversion rates by 1, 2, or 3 percent?

How do we get our average sized tickets up and get repeat buyers and referrals?

What is the lifetime value of customers that come from different channels?

What is our most profitable marketing activities? Our least profitable activities? And do we have activities that are not profitable at all (should we still be doing them)?

See, the "old adage" of advertisements and marketing is like this: "Half of our advertisement works, and half of it doesn't work… we're just not sure what half is which." Well, that "old adage" is just not acceptable anymore. All online and offline advertisement and marketing actually can be measured, it just takes a conscience effort to do so and years of experience to set up and execute. That's what we do, by the way, we execute.

B2B E-Commerce Services