McKenna Booth Project Manager

There are so many industries I am interested in - from hospitality to publishing to retail - so I found myself a career that allows me to explore all of them. Website design. As a Project Manager, I get to work with and learn from various people in a multitude of businesses. My hands get to be on every phase of a project, and seeing it start from a kick-off meeting into a full blown, useable website and digital asset, allows me not only to explore those interests, but also use the skills I have honed throughout the years of school, work, and life. After graduating from Cal State Long Beach, I found myself in jobs that didn't speak to me, that is until I designed my first website at a digital firm. Safe to say, I was hooked.
Growing up in Santa Cruz - the REAL surf city, no matter what Huntington Beach locals have to say - I embraced the outdoors, from the sandy beaches of Davenport, to the redwoods in Big Basin. You would often find me exploring the forest that surrounded my childhood home, eating dirt, and living out wild adventures I made up in my head. That love for the outdoors still pumps strong in my heart, so you will often find me hiking, beaching, boating, and adventuring in So. Cal.
That is, if I can get my nose out of a book. My love for the outdoors is only matched by my love for reading. Give me a 600 page space epic and I'll finish it before the day ends. Need a recommendation? I got tons. Mystery, historical, science fiction, fantasy, you name it, I read it.
"She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live." - Annie Dillard