Paul Nicksich Special Operations

I’m Paul and I’m one of the System Administrators here at GoldenComm.  I started out with computers in 1986 on a Tandy 1000EX.  One day I was walking through a Bookstore, and saw a magazine in the rack that said “Program your own games,” so I bought it.  I sat down and wrote every line from the magazine into that computer.  It was a simple GWBASIC game, but it lit a fire in me.  After that the idea that I could make a computer do whatever I wanted added fuel to that fire.  I was and still am never content with “Okay” on my computers.  I demand perfection.  You can hear my wife telling me to “stop messing with my computer” or asking me “what are you changing now? Why can’t you leave it alone?”

When I’m not forcing servers to bow down to my demands, you can find me getting tattooed, playing video games and guitar, going to metal concerts, trying to become a bladesmith and make my own knives and swords, and most importantly, spend time with my family.

I’m happily married to my best friend and soulmate, and we have two wonderful and incredibly talented kids!