Tim Shiel Lead Online Marketing Analyst

Having been born in the late ’80s in tech-heavy Orange County, I played with computers throughout my childhood. I remember setting up a new Compaq desktop computer in my room (95′ or so) and sleeping through the night with the monitor on and a blanket covering it – me not knowing you could turn it off (oh, how well I slept the next day when I figured it out!). Anyways, I was fascinated by the rise of AOL, Ask.com, and Pets.com because of the excitement I’d see from adults who, in retrospect, were most likely riding the internet stock boom to glory, cleverly financed by their home equity loans and maxed-out credit lines. Luckily, I was young enough not to have any exposure to the eventual bust, leaving the positive boom mentality with me. Fast-forward to today – an internet investment environment comprised of ROI-based decisions ranging from proven strategies to calculated-risk taking. At GoldenComm, I work with businesses within this range of decision-making by bringing new ideas to the table and executing on strategies customized for their unique business requirements.