Adriann Rea-Palmer Project Manager

Growing up, I was that kid who asked “why”. I’ve always had a drive to understand the world around me and to seek knowledge about even the most mundane things. Once I convinced my parents to get AOL (for school, of course), my passion for tech exploded. I spent night after night teaching myself HTML and CSS simply because it was fun and a challenge. That interest and drive to learn new things has informed my professional life, pulling me toward the tech industry. I’m excited to apply my skills and continue to grow as a Project Manager at GoldenComm.

I love anything that sparks the imagination, and in my spare time I’m a proud nerd. Whether it’s movies, books, comic conventions, or Disneyland, I find inspiration that almost always inevitably leads me to pick up a new skill or hobby. I’m never bored, and am constantly trying something new.