Josh Sjogren Project Manager

I've spent several years managing projects of all shapes and sizes, from coordinating fast-paced video shoots for a major online retailer to executing entire marketing campaigns for a budget-conscious nonprofit. I’m passionate about what I do because it's never stagnant: client communication, teamwork, task management, clean design, and user experience are all key parts of my daily work life. My approach is deliberate, mindful, and goal-oriented, which is evident in my professional relationships and in the work I produce. I know how to guide different viewpoints toward a common goal, and I balance attention to detail with overall project awareness. My belief in simplicity allows me to stay focused on the most meaningful parts of brands and businesses, but I also understand that while details may seem small, they can have a big impact on the success of a project.

Balancing on bicycle pedals along Utah’s Wasatch mountains is where you’ll find me when I’m not attached to my laptop. Whether it's a road, mountain, or commuter bike, I prefer traveling on two wheels. The rest of my free time is typically spent with my friends and family traveling, skiing, camping, climbing, and hiking.