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Labels Direct

Labels Direct, Inc.

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  • Fishbowl ERP Integration
  • Avalara Avatax Integration
  • FedEx & UPS Real-time & Freight Rates
  • UPS Address Verification
  • Easy Product Finder (Printer Make & Model Search)

Company Overview

Labels Direct, Inc. has been manufacturing OEM compatible label products for over 25 years. What sets them apart from the competition is the quality of their products. Everything they offer is USA-made. Labels Direct carries thousands of products ranging from Direct Thermal Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels, Inkjet Labels, Thermal Ribbons, and Dymo LabelWriter Printer Labels.

Labels Direct also has the equipment on-hand to assist customers in manufacturing custom label requests. Their customer service representatives are highly trained specialists and are dedicated to helping their customers get what they need. Since Labels Direct is a label manufacturer, clients are going straight to the source and cutting out the middle man. This creates an opportunity for clients to get high-quality products at cost-saving prices. To top it all off, Labels Direct also guarantees same-day shipping if orders are placed by 3:00 pm CST.

What We Did

Labels Direct, Inc. has been a long-time client of GoldenComm’s, and when they were ready to replace their old ASPdotNetStorefront website we were eager to help. We decided to use nopCommerce as the platform and rebuilt the entire site. The new site has a fresh, modern, responsive design and contains multiple integrations such as Fishbowl which acts as their ERP system. Our primary goal for this project was to provide Labels Direct with a way to have one centralized area to manage product data, customer data and orders. We also integrated with our certified by Avalara Avatax plugin for nopCommerce. This brings functionality that provides on-the-spot tax calculation with regularly updated tax rates that tie directly into the client’s financial system. The website also ties in with FedEx and UPS to show real-time and freight shipping rates, UPS address verification, and so much more.

Labels Direct, Inc.
Labels Direct, Inc.

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