Taylor Brooks Online Marketing Analyst

I am Taylor Brooks and I have been studying and working in marketing for 15 plus years. Early in my career I was cutting my teeth in direct marketing for a real estate company that hired me out of college. I attended Arizona State University and received my Bachelor’s degree in marketing from the W.P. Carey business school. From there my path diverged a bit from marketing day-to-day into investing in media and advertising companies with an investment fund I helped start. Investing in media and advertising companies brought me to Los Angeles in 2010, and provided me my next career opportunity, marketing and distributing independent films. I helped market and distribute multiple independent films, some of which won awards and sold to companies like Netflix and Showtime. Marketing and distributing films brought me back to the day-to-day marketing issues companies face in the current business landscape. These marketing issues are even more important as more and more marketing dollars are spent online and is why I came to work at GoldenComm. I have a strong passion for anything and everything marketing and I truly believe GoldenComm is helping companies as much as anyone succeed at hitting their goals.

In my spare time you will find me cheering for my favorite sports teams or staying active. Sports are a big part of my life and have provided me critical team building and leadership skills. They have also shaped many of my friendships and continue to be a source of joy to this day. The other sources of joy for me are my family, and my animals. I will do anything for my one eyed boxer, (one eye, twice the fun) Barkley and my cat, Nicholas. Lastly, the most important person in my life and the one who convinced me to move to Southern California, my Fiancé.